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BLIND LOVE by C.K. Blake

Slade: Juggling the role of executive chef and restaurant owner in a bustling city leaves little room for romance. But as my mid-forties approach, I'm forced to confront the quiet ache of loneliness that's crept into my life. Enter Blind Love, the dating app that promises to change everything. Online, I connect with an enigmatic stranger who goes by the name RealDeal, igniting a spark that's been missing for far too long. When Rhys, a wide-eyed college graduate, stumbles into my restaurant in search of a job, I'm not sure there's a place for him with his limited experience. Yet, I'm drawn to his unwavering passion for cooking, and against my instincts, I take a chance on him. A spontaneous night out with Rhys leads to a scorching kiss, while my emotional walls crumble in the online world with RealDeal. I find myself drawn to Rhys physically and RealDeal emotionally, two worlds that should never collide. But the flames in my heart are too intense to extinguish now. What are the odds that my new hire and the mysterious online connection are one and the same? Is love truly blind?
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