Big Pickle: A Secret Boss Romantic Comedy (The Pickle Family Book 1)
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I've got a picklish problem.
I own a family deli. All my brothers do.

But even though I'm the oldest and most experienced Pickle, my restaurant is the one that's failing.

I hightail it to Texas to see what the hell is going on at Austin Pickle, only to find a sassy little spitfire named Nova Strong in charge.

She’s amazing. She's funny. She runs our deli like she owns it.

But despite the way we nearly melt the permafrost in the industrial freezer, I have to control myself. Nova thinks I'm a new employee. She has no idea I’m only there to spy.

Or that I'm her boss.

As I get to the bottom of why my franchise is failing, I desperately need to know one thing: Is Nova Strong everything wrong with my deli, or everything right for me?
Big Pickle is a full-length, 300-page standalone romantic comedy full of pickle jokes and more giggle-worthy anatomy references than a jar of baby dills.

Love the Pickles? Jace's brother Max gets his story with Hot Pickle.

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