Between Scandal and Desire
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Between Scandal and Desire by Alyssa Clarke

Bad Boy, Sassy Heroine Nicholas Fairbanks, younger brother of the newly minted Earl of Celdon, is shocked. And shocking one of the ‘very bad Fairbanks’ was a fairly difficult thing to achieve. Lady Cressida Winters, the auburn-haired beauty he had been obsessed with all season, daringly visits his lodgings and demands that he paints her. As an artist of some merit and rising fame, such a thing is not so alarming, except for how she wants to be painted… Lady Cressida refuses the match her parents are determined on, having discovered the real character of her former suitor, and is determined to show him what he has lost out on by sitting for a scandalous portrait. The last thing she expects is to be tempted by the notorious rake. Clearly, a match between the families would not be supported, and she should dismiss the attraction between them. If only he isn’t so wickedly irresistible…
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