Between a Wolf and a Hard Place
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Two shifters, one choice, zero escape. Iris Zahn leads a perfectly average life—until she doesn't. Kidnapped and torn from her sister and best friend, she's thrust into a new, perilous world. Enter Barron Davies and Evan Hearne: two jaw-droppingly sexy shifters with a shared goal—claim Iris as their forever mate. But there's a catch; a shadowy villain stands in their way, a dark figure bent on claiming Iris for his malevolent plans. As Iris navigates her whirlwind attraction to both men, she must confront her insecurities and fears. Meanwhile, Barron and Evan have their work cut out for them. Convincing a wary Iris to open her heart while protecting her from imminent danger? Easier said than done. Fail, and Iris isn't the only one who loses. Her kidnapping was just the tip of the iceberg; a dark conspiracy unravels, threatening Iris and the shifter community. Ready to dive into a sultry tale of trust, love, and fur-raising stakes? Download now and get lost in a world where love comes with a bite and danger lurks around every passionate corner.

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