Best Man on Campus: A Reverse Bully College Hockey Romance
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Some guys get stupid when they fall for a girl. Some guys are just born stupid.

Not sure which I am, but I am sure I’m hooked on Jazzy. The worst possible broken girl on campus. Damaged by unholy demons from her past, she has a razor-sharp take-no-prisoners attitude that runs true and deep.

No matter.

She had me the first time I heard her open her mouth and sing. Her tragic voice spoke of soul-splitting pain and I knew I should have run the other way. But I didn’t

And now in the crowded bar in front of all my teammates, she has to dare me.

 I shouldn’t be charmed by her broken, hard-luck anti-charm, but I have to take her dare.

No matter if it leads us down a path of mutual self-destruction. I need to try to save her.

 The thing I never expect is the devastating chemistry we have in bed, and worse, the vulnerable underbelly of the grittiest, toughest woman I’ve ever met.

If I save Jazzy from her demons, who’s going to save me and my heart from her?

Best Man on Campus is a sizzling reverse bully college sports romance. This full length standalone novel is in the St. Paul University world of the Big Men On Campus series. If you love hot enemies to lovers stories where good boys save the bad girls, then you'll enjoy this one! (Contains sex and language for a mature audience.)

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