Best-Friend’s Billionaire Daddy in Italy
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MY ROMANTIC TRIP TO ITALY WAS … Yaay me! For being dumped in Rome. Instead of heading home heartbroken, I decided to make the best of my trip. After a handsome, rugged stranger saved my life, it lead to a steamy one-night stand. Wait, two nights of sweet, reckless heat. And still, I crave more of him. Direly. A week later I’m back in New York for my best friend’s wedding, when I’m introduced to my BFF estranged billionaire dad. He’s the same handsome stranger in Rome I can’t get out of my mind. The man I sinfully ache for is my best friend’s dad. He’s off-limits. I can never betray my BFF. Yet, I can’t control my stupid body from reacting to him, even when I know he's a player, he’s told me he’s not looking to settle down, no-strings-attached is what he does. Now that we are both at his daughter’s wedding, can we ignore the fiery connection we made in Rome? Keep it a secret from everyone and just pretend it didn't happen? Deny our feelings? Keeping our hands off is a whole lot harder than we imagined. This might just be the beginning of us burning in hell.
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