Beneath the Moonlight Pale
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Beneath the Moonlight Pale by Nicola Italia

Old sins cast long shadows… In the late Victorian era, steel magnate Solomon Stanford is a domineering tyrant whose will is as formidable as the metal he creates. He is a hard, cruel man known for his business prowess and feared more than respected. His daughter, Evelyn Stanford, is a kind, intelligent woman using her father’s wealth to create a village school to help the less fortunate children. When her father engages brash young solicitor Rafe Griffin as his general counsel, Evelyn detests the handsome man on the spot. Rafe is too much like her father, ruthlessly determined to have his way. However, Rafe is taken with the young beauty and finds himself drawn to her. But nothing is as it seems. As secrets from the past begin to surface, Evelyn is threatened with the knowledge that her father did something horrific. A shocking murder sets in motion a string of events, and a shadowy figure emerges set on enacting a vengeful plan. Rafe is concerned that Evelyn is the final target, and the list of suspects grows. But as the past encroaches on the present, Rafe vows to protect Evelyn at all costs and identify the killer who is hell-bent on completing their cycle of revenge.
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