Becoming Mine
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Becoming Mine by Roxanne Tully

Cora I’m in my senior year of college and done it all; intern at my dream job, stumble home drunk, even gone sky diving. Can you guess the one thing I’ve never done and everyone around me is doing? Kind of hard to when you’ve been raised by men – with a hard-working single father, an overprotective older brother who would drop dead if he knew I’m musing on the three-letter-word. And let’s not forget his best friend and team Captain, Nicolas Kane; who, aside from his magnetic green eyes and cocky smile, is the worst offender when it comes to keeping me in a bubble. And he happens to be the only one I want breaking it… Nicolas This girl is going to be the reason I go to jail. Especially if she keeps acting out the way she has been…coming home drunk, jumping off planes, talking about sex? I’ve been through it all with my best friend ever since his mother passed, including keeping his defiant kid sister in line. But it’s becoming damn hard when suddenly my protective nature looks more like possessive when she’s around. Because Cora Knight is slowly but surely…becoming mine. Triggers: Addiction, loss of parent (past references)
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