Beautiful Beasts
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Beautiful Beasts by Sasha RC

Dante Calloway The world is filled with darkness, violence, and pure desire. All you have to do is look close enough. People are afraid to allow themselves the pleasure they truly want. I feel bad for every one of them. Pleasure is more addicting than the dope I sell on the streets. My life is filled with darkness, filled with this lonely feeling that I can’t seem to make go away. I have tried, believe me, but nothing works. Eventually, the high, drunk, or pleasure fades away, and I am left with nothing but this empty feeling in my chest. They all call me a beast, but they have no idea. It was supposed to be a simple exchange, a business transaction. A life for a life. I should have known that she would be more than that. When she looked into my eyes, I saw the darkness inside her, the same darkness that resides inside me. I was her worst nightmare. Now, we are both each other’s salvation. Things you need to know about Beautiful Beasts -Mafia vibes -Why Choose -Touch her and Die -Revenge -I will burn the world for you -Possessive -Dominant -Primal kink -Stalking -Praise kink -Trauma This is a dark romance standalone. Please read TWS and CWS inside the book. Ready to enter the world of the two beasts and the one beauty. They will never let her go.
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