Ballroom Blind Date
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Ballroom Blind Date by Natalie Cross


Escape. Focus. Survive.

Tabitha Valby has spent the last several years of her life hoping she wouldn't need that mantra again. She's moved on and built up a successful empire. She doesn't need love, not again. A dream house, though? Absolutely.

Dennis Rayner may be an armchair forensic genealogist, but after his fiancee leaves him high and dry, he needs to prioritize. When his ballroom dance teacher offers to set him up on a date, he agrees, but he's not the best with appointments. And there's the siren call of an open house for a dream home calling his name…

Sparks fly when they both arrive unexpectedly at the same desired piece of real estate.

Little do they know that this open house was never supposed to happen, and they are about to get caught in the crossfire.

As they are forced to run for their lives, they realize that they might not survive without each other. This might be both the worst and the best blind date of their lives.

This is a clean romance suspense novella but does contain strong language.

TW: home invasion, strong language, polka

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