Bad Boy Protector
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Bad Boy Protector by Alexis Winter


I’m not a protector.
I’m a damaged ex-con.
The last thing I need is an innocent little thing thinking I’m her happily ever after.

She’s naive and pure, the kind of woman a man like me doesn’t deserve, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice the way that uniform hugs her petite curves.
The moment she slipped me her number, It snapped me back to reality and those dirty fantasies went right in the trash along with her number.

So, I kept my distance—until that night.
Saving her felt like redemption from my past.
Falling for her was where I screwed up.

Now the shadows from my past have returned and I’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.
Even if that means I have to lose her forever.
I thought I could have a taste and walk away. 
Instead, I stole her innocence and broke her heart.

This isn’t a fairytale sweetheart and I’m no knight in shining armor.
This time the big bad wolf just might eat you alive. 

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