Backside of Forty
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Backside of Forty by Tatumn Dixon

Good, Naughty, Sex-Packed Fun! Rachel Iver is taking the plunge back into the dating pool. This time, it’s following a failed marriage, via the Internet, and during the backside of her forty years. To date, her most recent suitor is the vibrator hidden in her underwear drawer. Then, one night, on an online dating app, she finds herself shamelessly flirting with an intriguing replacement named Owen Fitzgerald. The following morning, Rachel awakens to an empty bottle of wine, the vibrator beside her, and discovers the invite to her home which she extended Owen’s way. Ready or not, here comes their first date! Saucy Sneak Peek: Hot Pink Dildo, Stimulating Serum, Heat in the Kitchen, Naughty Fantasies Galore!
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