Baby Makes 5
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Baby Makes 5 by Roxanne Riley


I've always known I wanted to be a mom. But when yet another one of my relationships crumbles, I feel miles away from the possibility. At least until I start looking into other routes.

My in vitro fertilization research is interrupted by my two best friends, Corey and Andrei, inviting me over for a game night. I appreciate them trying to take my mind off my problems, but then a wild idea takes root there instead: Why not ask one of them to help me have a baby? They're already a couple and they're both gorgeous guys.
But they have a secret, and when I share my crazy proposal, they've got an even crazier one: They'll do this for me, but they want to put a baby in me the old-fashioned way. They've shared women in their bedroom before, and they surprise me by saying they've both wanted a taste of my curves since we were all in high school.
The feelings are more than mutual, but I never thought I'd get a chance to act on them. Now I can't help but give in, letting them show me sides of themselves I'd never even imagined. 
We're clear up front that this just about making a baby and not getting our hearts involved, yet I find myself stupidly getting too attached to my best friends. When they pull away, I find solace in the form of an old co-worker, Todd. Before I know it, I'm falling as hard for him as I did for Corey and Andrei. I was trying to get over my feelings for them, but they won't go away despite my growing feelings for Todd, and a little pink plus sign reveals that I'm tied to at least one of them forever. But which one is it and how will the other two take the news?
Has my twisted plan tangled up too many hearts? Or can all four of us somehow become a family in time to welcome our fifth member?

Baby Makes 5 is a bisexual menage secret baby romance with high heat MM and MFM scenes (swords do cross in this one!). It's a standalone in the Bi Bi Baby series, which can be read and understood alone, but because more is always better they are best binged together. 
It has no cliffhangers and no cheating, but it does have a very happily ever after and lots of steam.

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