Ava- Brewing Chemistry: Rosalind Brewery Series Book 1
Ava Sanderson doesn’t “do” casual dating. She wants to date one man, not a dozen. Sleep with one man, not a dozen. And after switching from her decade long career in chemistry to co-owning Rosalind Brewery with her two best friends, swearing off all forms of dating is easier than taking the risk. Because when Ava falls for a guy…she falls hard. Jake Rossi needs a distraction for the next two months before he deploys back to the dessert or to wherever the Army wants to send him. A couple of months as a maintenance man at the Rosalind Brewery seems like an easy job. Until he meets Ava. The woman is wicked smart, doesn’t have a clue about construction, and fights him at every turn. Jake can help- if she lets him. But that’s not all Jake wants. He wants a date. One date before he deploys. Before he leaves Asheville and never returns.
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