Artair’s Temptress: Book 5
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Artair’s Temptress: Book 5 by Stella Knight

She travels back in time with a handsome highlander, facing the dangerous unknown of the past--and a growing desire... Diana Hartford has long denied the magical time traveling ability she’s inherited from her parents. But when her aunt implores her to guide a fourteenth century highlander back to his time, she is forced to use the ability she has always denied. Stranded in another time after his distant relative takes his place in the past, Artair is determined to get back to his life. When the bonnie Sassenach witch, Diana, escorts him back through time, he struggles with his bourgeoning desire for the temptress… As Artair and Diana navigate the dangers of fourteenth century Scotland, they find themselves the target of a ruthless enemy. They must work together to protect Artair’s place in the past, and as love and desire blossoms between them, a possible shared future… Start reading now!
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