Ante Up (Black Aces Book 1)
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Ante Up (Black Aces Book 1) by Caroline Lee

His sense of right and wrong got him this far, but he'll do whatever is necessary to save the woman he loves!

The mountain town of Black Aces suffocates in the grip of an evil man; Mr. Augustus King has the muscle to keep the townspeople cowed, so no one can afford to stand up to him. No one except the Black Ace. This masked vigilante swoops out of the hills with six-guns blazing, protecting the town from Mr. King's machinations and economic ruin. He's a local hero, a folk legend, and everyone--including Regina Vickers, the daughter of the town doctor--would love to know his identity. Little does she suspect it could be the very man she's falling for: "Hart" Hartwell, the quiet, half-Indian rancher who doesn't seem to care about the Black Ace's feats of daring.

With her father under King's control, Regina is the only doctor available when Hart's grandfather breaks his leg. At his ranch outside of town, Hart is handed the opportunity to spend more time with the woman he's always loved. But his past hangs over them both, clouding their future. King is determined to have his revenge, and while Hart knows he might have to face the consequences of his crimes, doing so would mean sacrificing a forever with Regina...and possibly even her life! There's no way he can allow that.

If Hart wants to play such a dangerous game, it's time for him to ante up!

ANTE UP has a heat rating of 2/5.

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