An Island Summer
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An Island Summer by Helena Halme


A moving novel of newfound love and old passions rekindled.

Three women, three love affairs at the crossroads:

One is betrayed, again.

One falls for the wrong guy.

One for the right one, but 40 years too late.

After taking over her late stepfather’s farm, Alicia finds shocking evidence of a crime. After she confides in her lover, the Swedish journalist Patrick, he realises what a scoop she’s given him. Will he sacrifice her happiness for his personal ambition?

Frida could not have found love with anyone more unsuitable than Andrei. He’s come to the islands to find out the truth about the demise of his younger brother Daniel. And he’s likely to find out the truth about what happened between Frida and Daniel.

As the summer on the islands heats up, Alicia’s ex-husband, Liam makes an appearance. Alicia's mother, Hilda, also finds romance, but can she trust a man she vowed never to see again some forty years earlier?

Set on the Åland Islands which lie between Finland and Sweden, An Island Summer has true intrigue, grown-up love stories, and stunning Scandinavian scenery.

An unmissable holiday read for 2021!

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