An Angel’s Song: The Infernal Affair book #1
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There is nothing remarkable about the life of Aiden Lucas until a handsome stranger falls into his lap, turning his mundane life upside down and thrusting him into a fantastical world lurking just beneath the surface.

Casper Tenebris has officially hit rock bottom, waking in a gutter with no memory of who he is or how he got there. A chance encounter with Aiden triggers a chain of events that lead him to discover secrets best forgotten.

Together, Aiden and Caspar must race to uncover the mysteries of Caspar’s missing memories before all Hell breaks loose. Literally. Their attraction for each other is undeniable, but their chemistry could be the catalyst that ignites a war between Heaven and Hell. Will knowing the answer push them together or tear them apart?

AN ANGEL’S SONG is a slow-burn paranormal romance packed with snarky characters, apocalyptic prophecies, angels, demons, and enough heat to melt your kindle.

Book #1 of the Infernal Affair Series
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