Alpha Star
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Alpha Star by Elsa Jade

She just wanted a quiet place to hide from the world. Instead, she found adventure with a sexy alien seeking his mate and a once-in-a-lifetime chance for a cosmic love…♥ Recovering from a traumatic concussion, Zoe Nazario fears she’ll never trust her own senses again. So when she stumbles over a shiny chrome cube, she laughs off its chirpy announcement that she’s the lucky bride of an alien prince. Aliens? Love? Yeah, no. Better to be dazed and confused—and alone—than desperately delusional. Sinclarion “Sin” Fifth-Moon Jax feels most at home roaming the infinite stars with his cybernetic enhancements and princely privilege to protect his misfit spaceship crew. But his imperial great-grandmother, despairing of his free-flying ways, demands he settle down to claim his solar system inheritance—and the Big Sky Intergalactic Dating Agency has already identified his perfect match in Sunset Falls, Montana, Earth! Grudgingly resigned to seizing the woman of his destiny, Sin instead gets an innocent Earther girl—who rejects him utterly. But when he realizes an interstellar menace is stalking his reluctant bride, he can’t just leave her behind…even if his five mating rings threaten to lock with desire when she’s near. The small-town Earther girl and the arrogant alien prince must join forces to survive a vast and treacherous universe, but what happens when they find that Sin’s inheritance might be a lie—and so is his perfect match with Zoe? ★Welcome to the Big Sky Intergalactic Dating Agency!★ ALPHA STAR is the first book in the fast, fun Big Sky Alien Brides series. “Putting the sigh and friction in science fiction romance!” The first trilogy features ◆ a cybernetically enhanced alien prince, ◆ an alien dragon shifter, and ◆ a space vampire in hot pursuit of the Earther women of their celestial dreams! Each book in the Big Sky Alien Brides series follows a different couple to their happy ever after, guaranteed. And the adventures continue with more trilogies (or trilogies +1!) with ✓Black Hole Brides (abducted Earth girls aren’t easy!), ✓Cyborg Cowboys of Carbon County (sexy cyborgs), ✓Mermaids of Montana (mermen, also sexy!), and ✓Beast Battalion (alien warrior shifters). Join the Intergalactic Dating Agency today and leave this world behind!♥
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