Alpha Orpheus
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Alpha Orpheus by C. Swallow

When a Witch Princess meets an Alpha Wolf, destinies will warp. THEMES: Forbidden Romance, Witches, Werewolves, Princes, Lawyers, Royal Zodiac Houses, Menage, Dark Romance, Erotica, BDSM, Dom, Sub, Polyamory 18+ Secluded in nature, the Royal Witch House of Pisces is situated next to the Grey Wood, which separates their territory to that of the Royal Wolf House of the Grey Wood. It’s a tumultuous relationship with no real definition between the two supernatural houses living in their own worlds yet in such close proximity. Princess Rebecca is a witch, and one afternoon she decides to venture into the Grey Wood to help find a lost pet rabbit. However, while on her walk into the neutral zone, Becca doesn’t expect to stumble across the Alpha of the Grey Wood conducting business so close to her home. She thinks she can just leave, but the whole pack caught her close by. Alone and vulnerable, Orpheus is immediately curious of what he can get from this pious witch. As far as his nose can tell, she’s not just a princess, she’s also unclaimed and ripe to bear a whole brood of pups… it’s too bad Rebecca hates werewolves and wants nothing to do with them. He certainly couldn’t convince her to mate with him… could he? 20+ FIVE STAR REVIEWS ON inkitt for ALPHA ORPHEUS "If you like witches, werewolves and drama then this dark romance is the book for you! It has all that and so much more! I’m obsessed and I’m sure you would be too if you gave it try." "Wow...just wow!!! Omg...this book was absolutely totally amazing and was off the chain. This was definitely one hell of a book to read. The characters, the plot, everything was fantastic and wonderfully written." "Keeps you on the edge of you're seat."
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