All You Knead
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All You Knead by Lina George

Welcome to Cedar Springs, where first impressions are everything. And let me tell you one thing: Anthony Jones did not make a good impression. In fact, his entire personality is as bland as his name and I'd be happy to never see him again. But get this. He’s renting the storefront next to my gym in order to open a bakery. Not only does that ruin my plan to expand my personal training business, but it also means I’m going to see him. Almost every day. Until he realizes that Cedar Springs is not the town for him. It’s such a shame, really. He’s kind of cute. It’s just a shame he’s so… vanilla. On second thought, maybe he just needs some spice in his life. And maybe that spice can be me. This contemporary romance features a curvy protagonist and a grumpy hunk who falls hard and will do absolutely anything to make his woman smile. Expect banter and slow burn leading up to some scenes that sizzle!
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