Alaskan Thunder
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Alaskan Thunder by Nando Gray

A CONTEMPORARY MM ADVENTURE ROMANCE GET LOVESTRUCK... Calvin hated Zayne the moment he saw him. In fact, the two couldn't have been more different if they'd planned it. But the pilot needed money, badly, and the young, scrawny, raven-haired influencer who had just flown up here from California as part of some ridiculous come-to-nature find-yourself nonsense was apparently loaded with the stuff. Calvin had never seen so many designer suitcases in one place in his life. The guy had brought at least three times the amount of cargo he'd been warned to limit himself to, insisting unapologetically that it was all "really super important," the spoiled kid apparently used to getting whatever he wanted. Calvin had given up instantly on expecting much from the vapid tourist, deciding then and there to charge the chump double for his chartered flight. The baggage did weigh down his seaplane dangerously now, though, and he eyed the coming stormclouds with nervous apprehension, their coal black mass roiling in ominously over the volcanic peaks that ringed the quaint harbor town of Skagway, Alaska, menacing the pair's upcoming flight to Fort Yukon with the distant and crackling boom of Alaskan Thunder... Fly to Alaska and embark on the journey of a lifetime. Find yourself stranded, alone, far from the comfort and familiarity of home, forced to overcome the terror of a horrible accident, challenged to learn to live off of the land while finding shelter and warmth in the inhospitable hinterlands of the great Alaskan tundra. Dare to overcome your past to ensure that you might have a future. And find yourself falling in love against all odds, lit by the neon lights of the aurora borealis. Learn for yourself that it's never too late to discover love in unexpected places. Oh, and make sure to watch out for the bears. It's wild out there. *Forced Proximity *Enemies to Lovers *Hurt Comfort *Adventure *Action *Survival *HEE *Age Gap *Size Difference *Dual Point of View
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