Ain’t No Angel

Ain’t No Angel by Jessica Lynch

He's coming for you... When Heather Hayes goes along with her sister's idea to visit a psychic, she expects to laugh off anything the woman tells her. But, in a world where paranormals live side by side with humans like Heather, she should've remembered that magic is real -- and there are dangerous threats everywhere. With the psychic's warning in her ear, Heather decides to stop off for a drink to calm her nerves. But what happens when she meets Lincoln Shaw will change her life forever... **Ain't No Angel is the a prequel short (~11,000 words) that serves as a companion to True Angel (out now!), the first in a new series by the author of the Claws Clause series. Did you wonder how Heather went missing or why Avery hired Cam to help find her sister? Find out what happened that fateful night in this short. There's some heat to it, some profanity, and is intended for adult readers. This edition also includes the first chapter of True Angel.
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