After-Hours Books 1-5 (An After-Hours Affair Box Sets Book 1)
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Sassy Strong Women, Sensitive Alpha Men, and Your Favorite Tropes

(Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Second Chance, Forced Proximity, Forbidden Love, and more)
Executive-level positions are a challenge for anyone to maneuver, but for these women, it’s damn near impossible. Especially when they’re surrounded by ridiculously hot, charming, and irresistible men who drive them crazy.

Whether it’s the boss’s son, a competitive colleague, an ex-husband, or a rough and rugged client, these women must find balance between their careers and their ever-growing desires.

Packed with sassy, strong women and sexy, sensitive men, this collection of standalone novellas and novels will keep you coming back for more.

This box set includes
In Charge: Book 1 An Enemies to Lovers Workplace Romance (novella)
One Drink: Book 2 A Friends to Lovers Workplace Romance (novella)
You're Mine: Book 3 An Enemies to Lovers Workplace Romance (novella)
Charm Me: Book 4 A Forbidden Love Workplace Romance (novel)
Stuck Together: Book 5 A Second Chance Holiday Workplace Romance (novel)

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