Admit to Mayhem
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Admit to Mayhem by D. J. Adamson


Not everyone would enter a burning room to rescue a stranger … a stranger who then vanishes, leaving Lillian Dove to face death in a burning house. And not everyone would then embark on a quest to solve a mystery revolving around a building that has had not one, but several arson attacks against it.

As Lillian realizes that her life is in jeopardy, she becomes increasingly involved in solving mysteries.

Is there a connection between a sixty-year-old arson fire that killed a family and this latest event? Lillian Dove slowly realizes that there is such a correlation, against all odds, and her personal, chance involvement becomes a storm of passion centering upon unsolved mysteries that ultimately come full circle to affect her own quest for recovery.

Admit to Mayhem's sequence of events has Lillian tense and on edge.

“Admit to Mayhem does what any good mystery should do (but too few genre reads achieve): takes the time to create a feisty, believable protagonist with a myriad of concerns outside the mystery that draws her in, fills her life and the novel's progression with a series of unexpected.”

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