A Touch of Clarity
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A Touch of Clarity by Emily Klepp

Gabriella has a growing list of traumatic experiences that all stem from her neglectful mother and her mentally abusive husband. After catching her husband cheating yet again, things boil over and she leaves after he hits her. Her past is revealed when she accepts help from a man she thought got away years prior. Liam becomes aware of her history with the BDSM lifestyle and the self-harming tendencies that led her on a path of obtaining clarity though controlled pain. Gabriella happily dives head first back into the lifestyle, only to be caught by Liam and his two dominant best friends. Can one bratty submissive manage three seductive doms all while battling her ex coming back for blood and the death of her best friend coming into question? CONTENT WARNINGS: Domestic Violence, Parental neglect, self harm, explicit 18+ content, strong language
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