A Throne for Sisters (Book One)
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The wolf shifter in me couldn’t handle it when Carrie was being abused.

She’s my next-door neighbor and I don’t see her around town often.
Carrie keeps to herself, silently putting up with her abusive father.

But it’s time that I help her out of this mess.
Running the Prairie View ranch has got its perks.
I’m in a position to protect the woman that I’m obsessed with.
She’s everything that I’ve always wanted.
Feminine, loyal, adventurous.

And so, I don’t mind doing the one thing that will save her.
Marrying her.
I need to beat Carrie’s father, and help her escape the arranged marriage he has set up for her.
I don’t care if being with her is forbidden.
Carrie already has my heart.
And now she’ll have a right to the rest of my life as my wife.

Each book in this sexy-as-sin series can each be read as standalones, and has no cliffhangers, but are best read in order.

Warning: Adults Only

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