A New Leash on Love: A Clean Small Town Romance (True Love Animal Sanctuary Book 1)
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He's rebuilding his life in True Love, Arizona. She's only there to help her cousin. Then she's gone. Hannah Lockhart regrets her decision to help her cousin the moment she arrives in True Love. The new animal sanctuary is thousands of miles from home, and she's ready to get back to her job. Luke Steiner's last juice shop crumbled because of a failed relationship. He won't let that happen again. After he and Hannah start off on the wrong foot, he apologizes. Her feisty attitude gets under his skin though, so he agrees to volunteer at the sanctuary to get her out of his town ASAP. Anything to keep the gorgeous woman from tearing his newly settled life apart. Hannah wants to go back to her real life, so she accepts his offer. Except she's attracted to Luke in ways she shouldn't be—not since her ex broke her heart. Because of that, Hannah’s determined more than ever to get back home. And Luke’s track record with women tells him he needs to back off before he loses his business again. Yet a wrong number text can change everything—and possibly give Hannah and Luke a new "leash" on love.
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