A New Beginning
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A New Beginning by Ricki Dagosta

“Your need to protect me is downright laughable. Who the bloody hell is going to save me from you, huh? No one has ever devastated me as much as you!” Nearly a decade after Chelsea Whittaker’s first experience with heartbreak, she’s alone again, this time coping with the tragic end to her disastrous marriage. With a child to raise and a full-time career, the last thing on her mind is dating. Especially eligible obstetrician Scott “Doc Hottie” Reinhardt who has seen her at her worst—in the middle of childbirth! But when Scott coerces her to join him at a charity event, she agrees, and finds herself enjoying his attention. His timing seems perfect until her first love, Jack Robertson, moves to town. Unattached and better looking than ever, he’s come home for good. Will Chelsea’s lingering anger toward Jack be enough for her to resist his charms? Can she learn to trust and believe she too deserves a new beginning?
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