A New Amish Love (Second Chance Amish Romance Book 1)
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Amish widow, Liz Miller is falling in love again. Will her eldest daughter accept her mother’s choice? Amish widow and mother of four, Liz Miller struggles with her desire for a new relationship. Though Liz's husband has been gone for ten years, their eldest daughter, Leona, is furious at the thought of her mother abandoning her father's memory. As Liz begins falling in love with neighbor, Adam Yoder, she and Leona have increasingly ferocious arguments. It soon seems like they can't get through a week without butting heads. Facing the prospect of a daughter who hates her and a future that grows increasingly bleak, Liz is must find a way to ensure her own happiness and that of her family before she loses everything. Can Liz forge a path towards a new love? A New Amish Love is Book 1 of the Second Chance Amish Romance series about joy, hope and new beginnings.
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