A Modern Lady Lost in Time: A Contemporary, Feel-Good Time Travel Romance
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Isabella Astley, a true Victorian lady who was born into one of England’s finest noble houses, wants to control her own destiny. But with a mother who is willing to marry her off to the highest bidder, her future seems to be a life of misery.
On the night she defies her mother’s demands, she believes her life is finally her own; but that notion is soon shattered by a freak accident that catapults her to 21st century Philadelphia.
Now trapped in a strange new world filled with endless lights and horse-free carriages, she struggles to understand how or why she’s there and how she’ll ever return to 1881 London.
Incredibly, Liam, the handsome and compelling Army veteran who almost hit her with his car, may be the only one who can help her find answers about how she traveled through time and how everything seems to be connected to a mysterious woman called Emma Washington.
That is, if she can outwit a mysterious stranger who has followed her every move and make sense of her growing feelings for Liam – and what she’ll leave behind.

In an adventurous journey to untangle the truth, Isabella must face unknown threats lurking in the shadows, gain help from the unlikeliest of places, and discover what it means to trust—and love.

**A Modern Lady is the second book in the Time Travel Romance series and can be read as a standalone novel. The first book in the Time Travel Romance series is called Trapped in Time: A Historical Time Travel Romance. If you like time travel romances, don't forget to check it out.**

From the Author:
Thank you for considering A Modern Lady Lost in Time. If you love time travel (historical and contemporary) romances, sexy veterans, feel-good romances, sizzling passion, steamy love scenes, and strong heroines, you'll love this adventurous tale of kindness and true love.**

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