A Lord of Many Masks (Wycliffe Family Series Book 2)
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For her, love is a dream. For him, it's a dagger--one he isn't afraid to wield.

Eliza Wycliffe has always dreamed of falling in love. But when her mother reveals a secret that threatens her inheritance, Eliza realizes she must secure her future and marry before her Season ends—with or without love.

Recruiting the help of longtime friend and shameless flirt, William Bentley, Eliza sets about trying to find a husband while navigating the treacherous waters of the London 
ton. Just as she begins to make progress with a charming suitor, other, less-welcome feelings surface for William, the man busy giving away his smiles to everyone but her.

He’s the last man in the world who would love her back—not only because he harbors closely-guarded secrets about his past, but because he insists true love doesn’t exist. It’s up to Eliza to convince him otherwise, before the clock runs out. And if she can only reveal the man beneath the mask, then perhaps her confession isn’t the only one to be made . . .

A Lord of Many Masks is the second book in the Wycliffe Family Series, but can be read as a stand-alone. Perfect for fans of witty banter, duels, intrigue, and a clean and wholesome friends-to-lovers storyline.

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