A Little Swap
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A Little Swap by Vanessa Brooks

What if you swap your future, but your destiny lies in a previous dimension? After experiencing some violent turbulence during a flight back to London, Penny West suddenly finds herself in a frightening new reality, one where she has no husband… She needs to find her Daddy, David, her firm, but loving husband and return to their perfect life with Honey, their golden retriever. Seeing no way to return to the world she knows, Penny decides to search out David, the man she was married to in a happier life. But when she finally tracks down her former husband, she soon discovers David has no recollection of her. Hatching a devious plot to ensnare the man she cannot live without. She hopes to make him fall in love with her all over again, but will her lies have the reverse effect and drive the love of her life away? *Previously published as Needing Daddy* This book contains adult themes.
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