A LITTLE Love Story
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A family have pulled apart when Charlie Little decides to up and leave his wife and child, Meg and Nelly, in search of something better. But nearly three years later things have changed, and Meg is no longer the shy wife plus Nelly has taken a significant overdose of eight-year-old girl attitude. Both aren’t prepared to be sweet-talked by a man who merely broke their hearts. And they are seeking love from other quarters to the dismay of some. The goal posts have changed as the remaining Little women, including Charlie’s mum and aunt, now have to adjust to the appearance of a man who now wants his family back. And Meg’s mother is a less forgiving woman! Told from Meg, Charlie and most importantly, Nelly’s viewpoint, it’s a funny story about bad choices, and how, if ever possible, you can rekindle a Little love, eventually.
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