A Heart’s Yearning: Hearts of Willow Creek (Romancing the West Book 5)
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From a fan favorite author with more than one million books sold: Four women chase their dreams of love in this western historical series.Jenny has a secret dream that she’s nurtured since childhood. It’s a simple dream. She longs to have a family of her own. But Jenny has always been told she’s far too pretty to make a good wife. Her beauty attracts the wrong kind of attention and after an evil man tries to force himself on her she flees west. Orphaned. Unwanted. Finn has always wanted to belong, but after being taken in by a neighboring family, he learned that the only way to protect himself was to keep his mouth shut and work hard. He stays alone in the mountains with only his mule for company. When Finn’s long-ago sweetheart dies and leaves her only son in Finn’s custody, he realizes his mountain life is no place for a child. He needs a wife. After an accident, he finds himself being forced to marry the beautiful Jenny. He’s been shackled to a family that didn’t want him once before. What if it happens all over again? Read more books by award-winning author Linda Ford:Glory, Montana:Loving a Rebel (The Preacher’s Daughters)A Love to Cherish (The Preacher’s Daughters)Renewing Love (The Preacher’s Daughters)A Love to Have and to Hold (The Preacher’s Daughters)Cowboy Father (The Cowboys)Cowboy Groom (The Cowboys)Cowboy Preacher (The Cowboys)Rancher’s Bride (Frontier Brides)Hunter’s Bride (Frontier Brides)Christmas Bride (Frontier Brides)Love on the Santa Fe Trail:Wagon Train BabyWagon Train WeddingWagon Train MatchmakerWagon Train ChristmasDakota Brides series:Temporary BrideAbandoned BrideSecond-Chance BrideReluctant BrideWar Brides series:LizzieMaryelleIreneGraceWild Rose series:Crane’s BrideHannah’s DreamChastity’s AngelCowboy BodyguardBig Sky Country series:Montana Cowboy’s BabyMontana Bride by ChristmasMontana Cowboy DaddyMontana Cowboy FamilyMontana Groom of ConvenienceMontana Lawman Rescuer
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Western is fiction books, movies, and tv genres. Westerns are mostly placed in the 19th and early 20th century in the Western United States and tell the stories of cowboys, lands, and also outlaws investigating the western frontier and taming the Wild West. Westerns frequently stress the harshness of the wilderness and often place the action within an arid, barren landscape of hills and deserts. This genre generally portrays the conclusion of what's considered the"idealized American frontier" or person against nature. If you like to read the background, then you have to add this genre to your reading cart.

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