A Forest of Stars (Court of Starlight and Darkness Book 1)
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When the fae king comes for me, my resistance crumbles....

My idea of a good time used to be a rom-com and pint of ice cream. But when a lethally sexy fae king kidnaps me, that changes. I’m forced to compete in a deadly competition to become his queen.

Now, my idea of a good time is surviving the day. The Court of Starlight and Darkness is a gorgeous place, but I can’t stay. The Ice King's eyes burn with heat each time he looks at me, and I burn right back. The problem? He's cruel and dangerous.

The king has no idea I’m human, and if he finds out, I’m dead. My only choice is to compete until I find a way to escape--I just need to survive until then.

A Forest of Stars is the first in a new fantasy romance trilogy by Linsey Hall.

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