A Celtic Memory
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A Celtic Memory by Sky Purington

She forgot something important. He knows what it is. The moment Madison arrives at the old Colonial in New Hampshire, she knows her past and future are about to merge. The demons she runs from are drawing closer. Yet thanks to a home with an ancient oak tree and a Stonehenge nearby, she might, at last, find sanctuary. Perhaps even clarity about an elusive memory that’s haunted her for as long as she can remember. Or so she thinks until a handsome Irishman shows up at her door and reveals things she could never have anticipated. When Cian, Gaelic King of the Connacht, hears Madison’s calls across time, he has no choice but to go to her. After all, he carries the memory she long forgot. One that begins what will eventually be considered folklore if all goes as it should. A memory foreseen by the gods of old that needs to play out if Ireland is to remain intact for generations to come. Even if it means sacrificing Madison for the greater good. Something he thinks will be easy until he meets her and realizes his heart will not be so easily swayed to do what’s right for his country. Thrust together on a passionate, magical adventure that brings the reader back to a time when the five original Celtic tribes ruled Ireland, expect twists and turns. Joy and heartache. Good versus evil. More than ever, though, expect great love and loss. Endings, new beginnings, and a new take on what really happened over a thousand years ago on the Emerald Isle. More importantly…how it ensured Scotland’s MacLomain Clan would continue on. For longtime MacLomain readers, this standalone series gives insight (an unknown backstory) into what ensured the MacLomain Clan went on to thrive in Scotland.
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