4th & Girl
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4th & Girl by Max Monroe


First day of my new job, I spilled urine on an insanely hot, uberfamous football star.

Totally normal thing that we’ve probably all experienced, huh? Facepalm. 

Leo Landry is tall, strong, almost criminally handsome, the New York Mavericks’ latest first-round draft pick, and the very last person on Planet Earth I want to be inadvertently giving golden showers to. 

Mind you, it was his urine, and no, there aren’t any “adult” themes in this job description.

Star Temps wheels and deals in odds-and-ends jobs, and they brought me on to play “medical assistant” for the day. Somehow, I’m leaving with a reputation I’ll never shake and fantasies about a football player I’ll never forget. 

Thankfully, I’ll never see him again. 

Or, at least, that’s what I thought. 

Leo has other plans. 

Plans that involve me.

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