The Fortuna Coin
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The Fortuna Coin by Karen Ann Hopkins

Wendy Catalano, a newly remarried mother of four, finds herself, her husband and her children, murder victims of her ex-husband. A family heirloom takes her back in time to the beginning of her relationship with her eventual killer where she’s given the magical opportunity to change the future and stop her family's tragic ending. But she isn't aware that she's reliving a tortured life. With only glimpses of the future, Wendy struggles to survive present day, unaware that a bloody and unforgiving destiny awaits her.

The Fortuna Coin is a haunting psychological thriller about domestic abuse, personal choices, and second chances.

5 Star Review from Jennifer at Wine Cellar Library Book Blog:
“It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that was utterly unputdownable. This book is everything I had hoped it would be, and more. It is easily the best book I have read in over a year and is among my favorite books of all time. I frequently caught myself scanning ahead because my eyes just couldn’t wait to find out what happened next…I will be recommending this book to everyone I know.”
Rave Review from Booklife/Publishers Weekly:
“With clear, compelling prose, Hopkins has constructed a seemingly effortless story that weaves together paranormal fantasy and romance with mind-bending elements of psychological thrillers. Readers will become quickly engrossed in The Fortuna Coin’s richly emotional tale of good luck charms, psychic visions, and premonitions. This urgent, personal thriller combines paranormal and romantic elements as a woman out of time faces an agonizing choice.”
5 Star Readers’ Favorite Review:
“The Fortuna Coin is a thoughtful exploration of domestic abuse and toxic relationships. Author Karen Ann Hopkins presents a raw and authentic portrayal of a woman trapped in a loveless and abusive marriage, showcasing the ways an abuser manipulates their victims to stick by them. The plot is well-paced, and you never see the twists and turns. I found Hopkins's characterization thoroughly compelling. Each character feels well-developed, with complex layers to their personalities that make them utterly absorbing to read. You find yourself rooting for Wendy all the way through. The climax feels bittersweet yet satisfying, nonetheless. If you're itching for a well-written, character-driven drama that explores a vital social issue, The Fortuna Coin is the book for you.”
5 Star Readers' Favorite Review:
“The Fortuna Coin by Karen Ann Hopkins was a really beautiful book for me personally. The story is told from two perspectives, Ben and Wendy, and how their lives intertwined even when they were apart. You could really feel the impression made on Ben by Wendy and the love that never left them. You could also relate to her struggles and her joy. The Fortuna Coin is a very empowering book, and you want things to go well for her. This book will surprise you and leave you breathless. This was a joy to read, a very easy read, with well-developed characters. It is a very deep book about life and choices.”
5 Star Review from Cassandra, Book Sirens Reviewer:
“A must read. Not the typical book you would expect from Karen Ann Hopkins if you’ve read any of her Amish series' but she absolutely nailed this one!! This book jumps right in on page one and makes you not want to put it down even for a second all the way to the end and I loved that! Would absolutely read it again and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance thriller with some Sci-fi elements in there too.”
Rave Review from Angie, Bookstagrammer:
“Holy Moly! I am pretty sure this is my favorite book so far this year! I seriously loved this book!...I do not want to give anything away so that is all I am going to say. Just trust me on this one! Get the book!!!”
5 Star Readers’ Favorite Review:
“Karen Ann Hopkins has taken a sensitive subject and created a magical work of fiction.”
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