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A story that is not streamlined with a particular genre is listed under others. These books generally have mixed content. Somewhere these books talk about romance and switch to suspense after a couple of pages and many other kinds of content can be expected from these books. Readers who are not too specific about the genre can pick any from others. If you have reading habits and can pick any without being so particular then others section is for you. Selecting a genre-specific book might be a tedious task for you. So just go easy. Happy Reading.

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Own To Obey by Zoey Ellis

He owns her - and now she must obey When Shaya becomes the possession of a fierce, tribal, Alpha warrior, she is determined to overcome the harsh treatment of a culture she doesn’t understand. She...
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Until the End by Tracey Ward

An outbreak of The Fever has taken hold of Portland, Oregon, bringing the population to its knees. The Fever spreads and kills quickly, but the dead aren't staying dead. When her neighbor, Jordan, saves her...
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A Mother’s Choice by Kristin Noel Fischer

For thirty years, Nadine Kingsley has kept a heart-wrenching secret. When a letter arrives threatening to reveal the truth that could destroy her tight-knit family, Nadine embarks on a difficult journey to explain her painful...
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Dreams of a Highlander by Katy Baker

How far would you go to find true love? A modern day vet travels hundreds of years into the past to find hers. Darcy Greenway has no time for love. As a dedicated veterinarian her...
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"I made love to her mind before I got to her body, and when I got to her body, she was already wet." RahMeek, hometown hero and spearhead of Philly's most notorious drug ring, is...
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Coffee and Cream by Tirzah Lee

Growing up for Cream wasn't easy. For as long as she can remember its just been Cream and Jackie. Bouncing from city to city with her mom was hard. She had to leave friends behind...
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Chances by Jackie Collins

Lucky, Lady Boss, Vendetta: Lucky’s Revenge, and Dangerous Kiss…Jackie Collins’ sizzling Lucky saga all began with CHANCES.The book that made Jackie Collins one of America’s favorite authors sweeps you from the sophisticated playgrounds of Europe...
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“When I leave, act like I’m dead because I’ll never mess with any of you again. Y'all no longer have a momma.” From the rage that littered her eyes to the fists balled at her...
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Addicted to Him by Linette King

Rashard Peterson is an all around perfect catch. For any woman that can tame him that is. He’s the quarterback for UMA and he’s both family and goal oriented. Rashard can have any woman he...
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Fast-paced Romantic Suspense with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat! If you love Romantic Suspense don't miss the first three books of New York Times Bestselling Author Toni...