Genres : Interracial

Interracial books relate to relationships, marriages, or dating between distinct races. This is the very adored genre in publications all around the world. The selling of these books is rising day by day. In this genre, you may read about a few love tales, after-marriage things, Relationship tales, etc. The main focus of Interracial romantic publication is on the connection and romantic love between two individuals, and generally has an”emotionally satisfying and optimistic finish.” Ordinarily, these kinds of publications are specially written for the 18-40 age group.

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His For Keeps by Theodora Taylor

Welcome to his extremely sexy darkside…Everyone thinks Colin Fairgood is exactly what his PR machine tells them—a country superstar with a killer smile and dazzling blue eyes.But I met him before his country makeover and...
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Forbidden Moon by Alexander Elliott

Deal End : 2021-12-15
Wolf shifters have kept the secret of their existence for centuries, living in harmony with their human neighbors. Now, a secretive blogger threatens to expose them to the world. While efforts are made to find...

Infernally Ours by Jewels Arthur

Love. Steam. Vengeance.Lucius has declared war with the Elders, and they want us to stop him.Easy enough, right?Except my biological father is an absolute menace and his power scares me. I don’t know if our combined powers...
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Queen Bee by Pax Sinclair

Things to consider before buying this book◆ If you love stories where the woman is rescued by her prince charming, then this isn't the book for you.◆ If you don't like strong women as the...
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See Beneath Your Perfect by Eunice Nascimento

Shereen and Mo have been friends since they were three.Shereen’s loved him almost as long.He married someone else—but fate is about to throw them together…When a tragic loss leaves Mo widowed and a single dad,...
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The Front Runner by Elsie Silver

Stefan Dalca is beautiful, brooding, and bossy. He’s also public enemy number one in this small town, with a murky past that’s hard to overlook. And I just agreed to three fake dates with him.I...
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It was the summer of 2001 in Manhattan. I was 20 and excited about my life. I went out alone four nights a week and I had finally found my tribe, the place where I...
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Her Moment With the King by Alexandra Isobel

She never thought she'd see him again...When Matt, still devastatingly handsome with a heartbreaking accent, walks into a bistro one holiday evening, Georgia is horrified to face the scandalous secret she's kept for eight years.Fall...
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VICTOR: Her Ruthless Crush by Theodora Taylor

Deal End : 2021-11-30

No last name. Totally mysterious. He doesn't talk. He's insanely hot. And now...I'm supposed to be spending every Thursday with him???

When my dad asked me to tutor the son of an important business associate, I...
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Never Enough by Roxie Noir

It’s a simple enough transaction.Marisol needs the money, and I need a nice girl to parade in front of the cameras.No feelings. No strings. No falling for anyone.I’ve been clean for months, but my record company’s not...
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Blood Like Rain by Tracy A. Ball

There’s trouble in Rain. They say it’s in the water and that’s partially true. The poison is in the ecosystem. But, the trouble is in their blood.When mercy’s a sin, falling in love is not...
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Burning Ground by David Galloway

"I thoroughly enjoyed the story! So many things described in Yellowstone ring true." ~ Kim Allen Scott, author of Yellowstone Denied"One of the best novels set in Yellowstone I have read!" ~ Tamsen Emerson Hert, University of Wyoming...
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Her Marine Next Door by Aliyah Burke

My next door neighbor Parker Jax is not my type. He’s covered in tats, rides a motorcycle, and his parties keep me up all night. The fact he’s sexy as sin doesn’t change the fact...
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He rescued her from danger. Then she stole his heart.Working as a trick rider for Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, Blue Thunder of the Lakota Nation joins forces with two Assiniboine warriors in their mission...
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August by Amarie Avant

AugustMy training? Professional.My job? Hitman for a government organization.And my next assignment? Infiltrate Marchand's crew.Vague information, but a solid job. Why do I care?Because this family "business" of crooks I'm investigating includes a Bajan little...
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