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Reign: A Romance Anthology by Nina Levine, Penny Dee, Kat T. Masen, KE Osborn, Bec McMaster, Evie Mitchell, Addison Jane, Emma James, Liz Lovelock, Kally Ash, Leesa Bow, JA Low, Corinne Mazille.

Royalty, CEOs, mafia kings, and more. When love conquers, will they fall to their knees for the person they can't live without? Reign is a collection of thirteen brand new romance novellas featuring men and...
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Slaughter by Shantel Tessier

My name is Avery Decker, and my story isn’t for the faint of heart. It is about revenge and hatred, misery and violence. I wasn’t always this way even though it was in my blood....
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Gemini Rising by Bianca Swan

The Alastair twins are a scientific impossibility. To parents who’ve tried every way to have a child, their male and female identical twins are a miracle. Isolated in their island castle, the twins Alain and...
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Broken Hearts by Dangerous Press

Ronan.His name thrums through me like a heartbeat.I climbed out of the smoldering crater of my life only to find myself back in the middle of a slow-motion trainwreck. I’m hunted, torn between my past...
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Wilson Carlyle is an omega in need of an alpha. Not just any alpha, but one with a special set of skills. Wil needs a killer.A year ago, his parents were murdered by his cousin...
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She Sold Herself and Her Virginity...The penniless Charlotte dreams of a bright future. But she has nothing to sell but herself and her virginity.She chooses to auction both to the highest bidder. Charlotte's buyer becomes...
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The Glass Slipper by Dangerous Press

Betraying the most powerful man in New York wasn’t something I ever envisioned when I first started playing games with Winston Constantine. But he’s engaged in far more dangerous games than ours, and his enemies...
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This book is a dark, steamy paranormal romance. It contains explicit sex, language, and violence including scenes of rape. However, there is NO sexual violence/dub-con/non-con between the hero and heroine.Tris couldn’t look away from those...
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A brand new arranged marriage romance from USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani René. A contract had been signed. An agreement had been made. She was mine. And I never lose my possessions.
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Big Man on Campus by Stephanie Queen

A Steamy Enemies to Lovers Bully RomanceJACKThey say I'm a troubled kid, labeled a bad-boy jock.I should be a pariah, but I'm not. Instead, I'm the BMOC because I'm the starting quarterback of the prized football team. After last season's...
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Private security has never been so risky—or so tempting. Ex-military security specialist Conlan James avoids commitment like the plague. His job, his Harley, and an occasional one-night stand are all he needs—or so he tells himself....
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Their Forever by Chloe Kent

You have my permission to touch my wife… Sophisticated mafia billionaire, Liam Stone knew the moment he saw the innocent Olivia he had to own her. She didn’t love him. How could she? In her...
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Three months on a private island.Two men.One million dollars.All I have to do is tame Nash Wilde.It’s been two years since my sister and her boyfriend were killed in a plane crash. The last person...
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Elijah Barrett fell in love with a stranger in a nightclub. After a brief encounter, he can't get this angel out of his mind. Then she walks into his office for a job interview. Turns out she's...

The Five Families, Books 1-3 by Jill Ramsower

Now in a convenient ebook bundle, here are the first three novels in Jill Ramsower’s captivating Five Families Series. The full-length, bestselling novels feature the three Genovese sisters as each seeks to find love in...