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Zane by Susie McIver


Zane, former Navy Seal and former agent with the DEA, looks forward to an easy assignment after a long string of hard-fought cases. As a member of the Band of Navy Seals security bodyguards and rescue team, he’s dealt with his fair share of difficult clients. This new post promises to be one of the easiest yet… until he meets his client and realizes what they’re up against.
Polly is no stranger to trouble. It comes with the territory when you spend your days and nights entertaining large crowds and singing the songs they love. But nothing she’s faced has been as difficult as almost losing her niece to a man bent on destroying her. Now she must rely on a stranger to keep her safe before a hired gun ends her life.
A crazed man wants Polly dead.
Can Zane remain focused on the job or will Polly’s beauty and charms make him lose his head and jeopardize his mission?

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The military is a genre of fiction focusing on military actions, such as warfare, conflicts, battle, fighting, or army life. For example, the military genre can include an autobiography of a member of army personnel who did amazing things or decided that changed the tide of a war utilizing the new or radical military plan. Another autobiographical example maybe a president or other leader (based upon the country) who had been involved in political relations which started or finished a war with something of a military foundation or plan. The military genre may also have novels about weaponry or equipment.

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