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Yazid and Yari by Kira

Who knew that taking one shortcut down the wrong street on the way to register for something as simple as college classes could change your life forever? Surely not the beautiful, smart and soft spoken Yari Phillips but it did, and she stumbles into the streets newest crowned King Bad Boy Yazid Bell and is immediately thrown in the middle of his chaotic world. A dangerous, yet captivating bond is then formed between the two and they become inseparable. That is until betrayal from someone that the other holds close to their heart is brought to the forefront. It will test their priorities and love they have shortly grown for each other and leave them wondering if they will be able to survive the turmoil or will it all be too much?Join Yazid and Yari in this tale about fate, love, betrayal, and regret as they fight against the many roadblocks that are trying to keep them apart.
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