Work with Me
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Work with Me by Michelle McCraw


She’s got a checklist for every occasion. He’s never met a bad decision he didn’t make. Can these rivals work out their differences and find love?

Alicia’s the new programmer – and the only woman – assigned to turn around a failing project. The problem? It’s Jackson’s project, and it doesn’t need turning around.

But when Alicia and Jackson partner up, they’re unstoppable. And the office isn’t the only place they find sizzling chemistry.

Alicia’s not about to endanger her professional reputation by kissing a coworker. Jackson can’t afford another screw-up. They can’t be together, but working together means they can’t be apart.

Work with Me is a steamy, slow-burn, opposites-attract romantic comedy featuring a straitlaced single mom, a tech genius who hides a secret under a playboy exterior, and way too much tequila. Set in up-and-coming Austin, it’s the first book in the Synergy series.

Synergy series (can be read out of order):

  1. Work with Me
  2. Friend Me
  3. Trip Me Up
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