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A rake and a lady. An unlikely friendship that leads to desire and a plan that will go completely wrong... Lady Esther Bowen experienced one of the worst kinds of heartbreaks when her betrothed broke off their engagement. By keeping the real reason for their break up a well-guarded secret, she is faced with all kinds of speculations from her family and gossip from the ton. Regardless of her pain, Esther cannot let go of the man she loved, and just when all hope of being with him again is lost, a Duke with a tarnished reputation and questionable motives enters her life. Stefan Hamilton, the infamous Duke of York, has been living a life of sin. Handsome, fun-loving and devious, he will stop at nothing to satisfy his desires, without caring over scandals that followed him everywhere. But when he saves a dignified and heartbroken lady from the waters of a river, he will decide to impose on her affairs and help her win back the love she lost. Can she trust someone with so many secrets of his own? And what is the plan of this sinister Duke? She was meant to steal the heart of another, instead, she stole his… *If you like seductive Earls and Dukes with a soft heart, and romantic stories depicting the romantic Regency Era, then Winning the Heart of the Mischievous Duke is the perfect novel for you. Dive into the epic world of the Regency Era Ladies, Governesses, and Bluestockings while Ella takes you on a suspenseful journey full of passion and true love! "Winning the Heart of the Mischievous Duke" is a historical Regency romance novel of more than 80,000 words (around 440 pages). STANDALONE, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.