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Winning Back the Princess by Lindzee Armstrong

A feisty princess with a passion for education. The wealthy philanthropist who dumped her. Can he win back the princess before it’s too late? Princess Charlotte of Durham has been dumped by the wealthy aristocrat entrepreneur to whom she gave her heart. But that just gives her more time to focus on being an advocate for literacy. When she’s invited to tour a nonprofit school in South Africa and offer her feedback, it’s a dream come true. If only the school wasn’t owned by her ex-boyfriend, Adam. Adam Montgomery’s entire life has been dictated by his family’s business empire, right down to whom he should marry. A fling with Charlotte before submitting to his carefully planned future seems harmless enough—until six weeks later, when he needs her help to save the school. If it doesn’t open soon, the local tribes will sue his company for breech of contract. And Adam can’t let that happen. With the project falling further behind every day, Adam plays to Charlotte’s passions and begs for her help. But as they work together to race against the clock, he realizes that all he really wants is Charlotte. Can he win back the princess before it’s too late?