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Wildflower Ranch by Tina Dee

Dreams broken, hopes lost, and a ranch in ruins. Where is God in the details? After years of training, Charlene “Charlie” Evans’ dream is shattered by a fall from her horse. After the terrible accident snatches away her chance to compete in the Rodeo World Championship, she learns she may never ride competitively again. But her heart is shattered when she discovers that she may never be able to bear children as a result of the devastating injury. Ready for a new beginning, Charlie searches for something to do with her life. Something to give her hope again. When she receives a job offer as the foreman of a ranch, she gladly accepts. So what if she sort of passed herself off as a man in order to get the job? Dan Richards is offered the ranch of his dreams from his terminally ill uncle for a price he can’t refuse. He jumps at the chance to own a ranch he’s loved since childhood. Leaving behind a secure job and the life he’d built in Los Angeles, he moves hundreds of miles away to the small town of Creek Bend, California in order to chase his dreams. However, when he arrives at the ranch, after having bought it sight unseen, he finds it in a shambles—just like his new life. With no money and no experience, where does he go from here? He’s already hired a foreman to run Wildflower Ranch, but she’s not at all what he expected. Could she be what he really needs? Broken dreams and disappointments are sprouting like weeds at Wildflower Ranch, but sometimes love blooms in the places you least what is it holding these two hearts back from love’s full bloom? Get your copy of this stand-alone, Christian Contemporary Western Romance today! Clean, sweet romance with swoon-worthy cowboys and a sassy, but endearing cowgirl. Don’t miss out on this cozy ranch romance.