Wilde & Witchy Books 1-2
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Wilde & Witchy Books 1-2 by Ruby Raine


I'm twenty-eight, still single, no career, just inherited a mansion filled with magical secrets, three cats, and a Demon hellbent on killing me… If you enjoy your paranormal mystery and suspense mixed with steamy romance -- Get Wilde & Witchy Today! INCLUDES A BONUS BOOK: Wicked Good Witches #1, Magic, Blood and Bone...

After tragedy strikes and Dani Harper loses her mother, she needs a dose of the next best thing--her Aunt Marni, her three ageless Siamese cats, some much needed summer sun and ocean breezes, and endless moonlight and mojitos under the bright starry Blueberry Island sky.

What she gets, is thrown into the middle of two murder investigations and an old flame--in the form of the sexy local police chief offering protection from a supernatural hitman. But Dani soon finds out it's her own heart that needs protection most, because she's falling—once again—for Galen Wilde, a man with a furaliciously wicked secret of his own.

The Complete Series Now Available:
Book 1: The Day the Witch Stood Still (In this Bundle)
Book 2: Gone With the Wolves (In this Bundle)
Book 3: A Mating Most Foul
Book 4: When the Shift Blows
Book 5: Phantom of the Opera House B&B
Book 6: Someone to Witch Over Me
Book 7: It's a Witchy Life (Series Finale)

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