Christmas with my Irish Boss

“I've got a present for you Cara. Come see me at my office and close the door.”

Aiden's the doctor of every women's dreams.
Tall. Gorgeous. And a sexy confidence.

I've had my eyes set on the Irish heartthrob since I can remember.
But my childhood neighbor next door is now my insanely hot boss.
And strict office rules forbid relationships.

"You asked for me, Boss?"

Aiden approaches me with a serious look on his face.

"I need you to be honest with me, Cara. Do you feel anything between us? Because I've been dying to taste your lips under the mistletoe."

Dear Santa,
I know I've been a very good girl all these years but this year I'd like to be on the top of your naughty list.
Yours Truly,

This is a fully standalone romance in the Kilts and Kisses series. This is a Irish doctor, holiday, friends to lovers, taboo office romance. This is Dr. Aidan O'Neill's story. Each book can be read on its own. Transport yourself into the charming and quaint town of Sandy Cover, Ireland as we follow a sexy brotherhood of Irish doctors in their quests to find lasting love - while they save the world one lucky patient at a time.

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